Meet the AreaConnect Family !

AreaConnect is the leading widest technology startup in Nigeria and has the potential to become one of the most impactful companies in all of Africa.

Our Vision

Bringing your world closer, one delivery at a time.

At AreaConnect, we are passionate about making life easier for our customers by providing top-notch delivery services. Our vision is to become the leading delivery company in the industry by providing reliable, affordable, and unparalleled services that meet the changing needs of our clients.

Our Mission

Easy. Fun. Reliable Delivery.

AreaConnect is committed to growing the largest e-commerce network in Africa, and to achieve this we have come up with loads of breathtaking programs and products to further facilitate the ease at which e-commerce transactions operate from inception to completion

"AreaConnect has expanded into various other ventures, including..."

Hire Purchases, Transportation, e-Commerce, Deliveries, Vehicle Purchases, Technology and Development etc.


A Quick Delivery tool for Customers to order Rides and Get Deliveries with multiple options. The One app for all deliveries.



A Hire Purchase Solution that makes monitoring the full cycle of payment stress-free for investors.



One Stop Marketplace that brings vendors and buyers together, allowing goods and services to be sold more easily.


People First

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Our Leadership

James Bosman

Founder & CEO

Lisa Hernandez

Co-Founder & Chairman

Daniel Robertson

Co-Founder & Board Member

Una Lopez

Chief of Staff

Mike Doe

Head of Product
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Amazing team members

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