Say Goodbye to Outrageous Fuel Prices

Join Modern Mobility Electric Bikes

AreaConnect understands the challenges we are all facing because of the hike in fuel prices thus we are doing everything reasonable to maintain reasonable delivery rates for operators and customers.

We are bringing in the first fleet of electric dispatch bikes in December 2023 for sale and Hire Purchase.

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"MONSTER" Electric Dispatch Bikes

The electric motorbike is a modern, eco-friendly transportation option with quick acceleration and a high top speed.Additionally, the long-lasting battery and fast-charging capabilities provide a reliable mode of transport for everyday use.

Discover The Collection

"AreaPilot" Bikes

Electric and Digital Bikes created to facilate delivery in a whole different scale. Have everything at your fingertips and save cost.

Why Choose Electric Bikes ?

Cost Effective

They have lower fuel costs since they run on electricity, which is generally cheaper than gasoline.

Cheaper Maintenance

They have fewer moving parts and require less frequent maintenance, leading to reduced servicing expenses

Noise Reduction
Faster and more flexible
Increased Job Efficiency

Join #GoEcoDispatch Programme

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Get Safe and Reliable Delivery Today!

Join our eco-friendly delivery service today and play an active role in reducing your carbon footprint while enjoying fast and reliable shipping.

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''MUONER"' Bike Is Here

Get a Brand New MUONER Bike now with a 2000 Capacity Engine in good condition with all the documents ready for you to start use or work immediately.

You can either buy outright or enjoy payment Freedom with Hire Purchase with AreaHire