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How to get Started

To complete your registration as an AreaConnect NIPOST PARTNER,

You must have two plans on your NIPOST ACCOUNT.
  • NIPOST License Plan
  • Partner’s License Plan

Please ensure you fill out the registration form while getting the NIPOST License Plan and you can either add the plan to your Account or register for the Partner’s Plan of your choice.

Your Vehicle License or Hackney Permit will be required during registration.

Choose your Plan

The NIPOST Partnership Plan comes in three payment Plans per bike.

Choose the best that suits you.


NGN 1000 billed monthly per vehicle

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NGN 3000 billed every 3 months per vehicle

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NGN 6000 billed every 6 months

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Value for Money

Whatever Plan you pay for, you get the full benefits of the NIPOST Plans for that period.

Get Access to the largest network of logistics operators, and have the opportunity to expand your services beyond standard courier operations. This includes providing your company with bulk services, intercity, interstate and international courier services, as well as logistics for vans and trucks.

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For More Inquires:

Are you interested in NIPOST Partnership, Bike Branding or Renewal and you need more information;

Kindly Contact the following Numbers for more info:

  • 09031322244
  • 08091871332

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