This license in combination with the AreaConnect Nipost License gives you access to exclusive features as a logistics partner of AreaConnect.

Additionally, you get access to the largest network of logistics operators and have the opportunity to expand your services beyond standard courier operations.

This includes providing your company with intercity, interstate and international courier services, as well as handling logistics for vans and trucks.

1,000 / Month
NGN 1000 per month billled for 12 months
Get the full benefits of the Partner's License
3,000 / 3 Months
NGN 4000 billed every 3 months
Spread Payment over a Shorter Period
Cheap and you get the full benefits of the license during that period
6,000 / 6 Months
NGN 6000 billed for every six months
Split Payment into two
Get Exclusive Offers and inside Updates